The VisibilityGridTM

Mindshare’s technology platform ingests raw data of interest from local and remote systems. The architecture provides the necessary constructs to enhance the data, content and meaning, liberating the facts to produce the most usable and effective knowledge base for actionable insights and information delivery. Included in the data model is a set of strategic data assets specifically designed for streamlined machine learning that support operationalized predictive models allowing you to see forecasted trajectories giving you time to intervene before critical objectives become unmanageable.

Proven Outcomes

Mindshare’s user community includes many different user groups. From front-line staff, management, executives, school designees, students, parents, and more. Mobility solutions allow users to be untethered.

  • Mitigation of early school leavers
  • Early Identification of learning disabilities
  • Intensify Educational Attainment in Early Childhood Education
  • Isolate Social Determinants and their impacts on educational attainment
  • Mitigation of worker turnover
  • Mitigate impacts of toxic trio
  • Isolate high risk applications and identification of Medicaid Fraud
  • Mitigate recurrence of child maltreatment
  • Medicaid Fraud Alerts
  • Isolate Super Utilizers
  • Track frequency of medical activity based on diagnosis
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Child Well-Being

Understanding social determinants is key to changing outcomes. Health and well-being, Educational Attainment, and Child Safety are all critical areas where Mindshare’s data driven and decision support tools are in use for the measurement and adjustment across many areas of the life journey.

Education & Early Learning

Multiple disparate systems beyond just the SIS are at play now more then ever and the data requirements are growing fast. Mindshare’s insights and analytics identifies trends and projections of district, schools, instructors, courses and student groups. The data warehouse serves a centralized student record providing drill-down and 360° views of the student and what is impacting individual success.

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Insights & Analytics

Disconnected systems and siloed data can make it nearly impossible to see the facts needed to make decisions. For insights across all your business processes, Mindshare gives you full visibility so you can proactively engage.