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Applied Technology to Improve Outcomes. More Than Just the Ability to See, the Power to Do.

Mindshare Stands Out Among the Rest

  • We give our users the opportunity to see the gaps but include the tools to fix it.
  • We give our users the opportunity to understand the now but also the tomorrow. Not just how we got here…but where we are going.
  • We give our users the tools to steer outcomes and change status-quo.

Are we about Data? Dashboards? Business Intelligence? Analytics? Visibility? In-sights? Accountability? Indeed we are. But more than that, we are about the trajectory, the outcome, the ability to inject change and the power to do. Understanding the problem is one thing…the power to fix it is quite another and that is where Mindshare stands out among the others.

  • We do not just drop software at your door and leave you on your own.
  • We do not wait for you to call us for help.
  • We do not charge for all the things you did not yet think about.

Change status quo, contact us for a free trial.

For Those That Are Ready to Change Lives, We Have the Tools that Put That Very Power at Your Finger Tips

Data Science and Technology Platform

  • Master Data Managment
  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Interchange
  • Data Sharing
  • Operationalized Analytics
  • Automate Workflows
  • Business Intelligence
  • Digitize Forms & Forms Managment
  • Document Management & Routing
  • Survey Management & Scoring
  • Risk Escalation & Early Warning
  • Community Partnerships w/Data Interchange & Process Integration
  • Hypercare (24x7x365 comprehensive assistance & continual enhancements)

Improve Results

  • Measurably Improve Outcomes
  • Improve Child Safety
  • Improve Well Being
  • Increase Permanency
  • Reduce Extended Stays

Elevate Strategy

  • Transforming Data to Strategic Intelligence

Access via Cloud

  • No System Modifications
  • No System Overlay
  • All Inclusive Predictive Analytics Cloud Service

Integrate Seamlessly

  • Seamless Interoperability Between System Boundaries Without Intrusive Integration

Mobile Access

  • Bringing information to more staff on the device of their choice

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