Families Connect

Families Connect™, an app from MindShare Technology, packages child welfare tools into an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution that engages caregivers, fosters collaboration and improves case manager quality.

Families Connect™ benefits:

  • Improve Caregiver Engagement (Relative, Non-Relative, Foster Parent, Bio Parent)
  • Improve Caregiver Retention
  • Improve Quality Parenting Initiatives
  • Improve Collaboration Between Case Managers, Licensing Department and Caregiver
  • Improve Case Manager Quality

Using Families Connect™, caregivers and case manager can easily access case management details, scan, upload and view documents and review feedback from caregivers and children. Access to information from the home in real time allows caregivers and case managers to proactively solve problems before they escalate.

Relatives, non-relatives, foster parents and other caregivers can all come together to engage and collaborate, providing visibility, accountability and security in child welfare cases.

MindShare Technology’s all-in-one app offers the following benefits:

  • Send messages to Caregivers. Track their acknowledgements
  • Send documents and their completion.
  • One tap “contact me please” button for needs and assistance
  • Check-In” process for emergency preparedness
  • Receive feedback and interest in Level 1 licensing
  • Receive feedback for Judge and upcoming court hearings
  • Receive feedback about home visits
  • Receive details about the household and children
  • Receive document uploads
  • Participate in document sharing
  • Mobile access to bluebook and critical child documents
  • Push critical contact information, phone numbers, address detail
  • Push Indicators; upcoming medical appointments and school absences

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Instant Visibility Important Child Details

Families Connect™ Highlights

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