A Technology Approach to Improving Outcomes

A Child's Well Being

Predictive Analytics




A Technology Approach to Improving Outcomes

Technology, Tools and Services that Measurably Improve Outcomes

MindShare’s technology and tools empower you to navigate data to make better and timely decisions so the people you serve have a better chance of navigating life.

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Achieve better outcomes for the people you serve using predictive analytics

Improve Results

  • Measurably Improve Outcomes
  • Improve Child Safety
  • Improve Well Being
  • Increase Permanency
  • Reduce Extended Stays

Elevate Strategy

  • Transforming Data to Strategic Intelligence

Access via Cloud

  • No System Modifications
  • No System Overlay
  • All Inclusive Predictive Analytics Cloud Service

Integrate Seamlessly

  • Seamless Interoperability Between System Boundaries Without Intrusive Integration

Mobile Access

  • Brining information to more staff on the device of their choice

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