A Technology Approach to Improving Outcomes

A Child's Well Being

Predictive Analytics




A Technology Approach to Improving Outcomes

Applied Predictive Analytics for Child Welfare

Mindshare’s service platform is very specialized in that it solves the fundamental problem so many organizations experience; data rich, information poor, but – we do it without re-engineering those individual silos of information, without re-engineering existing systems, without the need for new hardware/software or data warehouses. Within six weeks we can have expanded capabilities online that begin improving outcomes immediately.

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A Technology Approach to Improving Outcomes



  • Measurably Improve Outcomes
  • Improve Child Safety
  • Improve Well Being
  • Increase Permanency
  • Reduce Extended Stays

Strategic Intelligence

  • Transforming Data to Strategic Intelligence

All Inclusive

  • No System Modifications
  • No System Overlay
  • All Inclusive Predictive Analytics Cloud Service


  • Seamless Interoperability Between System Boundaries Without Intrusive Integration

Mobile Access

  • Catering to Field Staff: Strategically Compiled, Case File Specific Information, Delivered to Mobile Devices

Support 100,000+ Children In Care

  • More than 100,000 Case Files and Investigations Analyzed Daily for Risk Factors & Intervention Quality / Compliance


  • KidsConnect: Empower Youth & Prepare Them For Their Road to Independence

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