Child Welfare

With deep expertise in child welfare, MindShare is intimately familiar with the complexities of managing systems and seeking optimal outcomes for children and families.

MindShare offers child welfare agencies:

  • Daily notifications delivering timely information at the tap of a finger
  • Proven increases in time spent with children and biological parents
  • Improved safety by maximizing accountability across the entire spectrum of a case and case plan
  • Unmatched SACWIS and CCWIS expertise
  • Tried and true Interoperability with statewide, local and ancillary systems
  • Insights and analytics as a single system, 360-degree view of families and an entire system of care, all from the device of your choice
  • CCWIS standards and data exchange support, assuring data quality, interface standards and security across departments, including data related to case management, foster parents, healthcare providers, education, Medicaid, courts, and more
  • Advanced analytics to assist case practice with wellness in care, timely reunifications, permanency, safety, licensing, placement, recruitment and employee retention
  • Mobility, including intuitive mobile apps for case managers, child protective investigators and foster parents
  • Operationalized predictive models for recurrence of maltreatment, delayed permanency, safe reunifications and worker turnover


“MindShare is an outstanding application for better analytical and case management for child welfare data.” 

– Former Florida Department of Children and Families Secretary George H. Sheldon

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