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Executive Bios

Greg Povolny

Founder and CEO

Greg has enjoyed an extensive data systems background originating with broad responsibilities during an eleven year employment with IBM including product knowledge, systems architecture, software development and IBM acquisition efforts.

During this period, Greg was responsible for submitting several patent requests, and as a result has been granted patents and patent claims in his name along with several key developers (Publication number WO2000069141 A3). The granted patents are based on Greg’s innovations in effective and asynchronous data movement over LAN s, WAN s, VSAT, telephony and the Internet.

Greg also has a unique background in online security systems for network, intrusion detection and authentication and has participated in key government task groups addressing these issues including high priority meetings conducted at the White House.

In 2004, Greg founded and self-funded Mindshare Consulting Group, LLC d/b/a Mindshare Technology. With Greg’s background and experience leading up to and through the dot com era, Greg’s vision for Mindshare was to create value by extracting the intelligence that exists within the data; beyond data management and data integration; beyond business process integration and automation. Greg’s target is, and has been, the very knowledge that is contained inside the data, inside the transaction and inside the process. Mindshare’s software is maintained as a hosted and managed service for interoperability and data analytics, including Data Science, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics.

Mindshare has invested a decade in the development of its proprietary data intelligence offerings. Greg’s design for Mindshare’s data analytics operates by capturing trends and extrapolating patterns to produce predictive models that span the boundaries of single systems, different departments or multiple organizations and agencies. More importantly, the Predictive Analytics can be used for daily use where the models will process real-time data feeds, allowing stakeholders to visualize the impact of their actions over time. Greg’s industry focus has been and continues to be laser focused for the benefit of human services. Greg believes that the solutions developed under his oversight can help maintain social equity and provide long term benefit for children, families and communities.

Robert Batson


Bob brings to Mindshare Technology a broad background of sales, general management and senior management responsibility. He is accustomed to dynamic, diverse business interaction and requirements and brings superb relationship-building skills to marketplace opportunities. Bob’s experience includes senior management responsibilities at world-class corporations as well as senior roles in two start-up ventures. He was instrumental in the development of personnel and the growth of sales revenues over an eleven year span at IBM Corporation and was a consistent member of IBM’s 100% club, which recognizes sales and sales management excellence.

At Citibank, Bob was responsible for the management and growth of revenue in a hotly contested midtown Manhattan marketplace. He and his team consistently achieved objectives and were effective in broadening Citibank’s relationships with the City of New York.

In an approximate five-year span with EDS, 100% of his time and efforts were committed to state and local government. From an EDS office in Washington, Bob consistently developed relationships with designated Senate and House of Representative offices and successfully expanded EDS business relationships in many state governments. He is accustomed to visiting with high-ranking state officials, including state governors.

At Atos Origin and Verizon Information Technologies, Bob’s responsibilities included global relationship development. His sphere of influence was cause for European travel and business relationships as well as a two-year assignment in Mexico City.

In his many diverse assignments, Bob has always maintained focus, business discipline and a commitment to fair, profitable relationships as well as the development and growth of staff.

His record is one of consistent achievement, superior business ethics and creation of long-term, respectful relationships.

Ed Schmitt

Chief Data Science Officer

15 years of experience in commercial product and service development. Ed is our Chief Data Scientist who will take responsibility for all aspects of data management, and system implementation. Ed has 13 years of experience implementing large scale, commercially available services. Ed is well versed in SAP, IBM and Oracle databases and Business Intelligence solutions. Ed has strong architecture and object oriented analysis and design skills and is responsible for all system design and implementation. Further, Ed specializes in the use of machine learning to design modules for predicting and presenting outcomes for daily use. This includes the ability to combine mass amounts of data from disparate sources to construct and train models. Algorithms that Ed has fined tuned for production use include but are not limited to Random Forest. C4.5, Multilayer Perceptron, and Logistic and Linear Regression.

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